Um pouco da Ilha

Welcome to the website dedicated to the Ilha de Mozambique!

The website has been developed by the Community Multimedia Center of the Ilha de Mozambique with the support of the NewMinE Lab of the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI).

The website offers information about the island to support travellers who want to visit the island or just want to know more about it.

Enjoy the navigation!

Volunteers of the CMC:

Amade Ismael

Jona Ali Mussa

Mussa Razao Ali

Here Lancuane

Zaida Selemane

Anchia S. Omar Amisse

Omar Vantitia

Ranque Mahando


Brief Introduction

Community Multimedia Centre of the island of Mozambique, and consists of a Telecentre and Community Radio. Created since the year 2007, with the support of UNESCO and funded by the Swiss Cooperation.

Started their activities in February 16, 2007 with 18 volunteers of which everybody did radio and attended the telecentre.

The telecentre has to offer public services component to the community such as photocopy, scanning of texts and impression, scanner, fax, internet, training on informatica, etc. These services are paid a symbolic prices that are within reach of the community and the revenues collected are for the sustainability of own energy payments CMC and other consumables costs.

Community Radio is Radio ONHIPITI with the frequency of 103.9 MHZ, broadcasts within a radius of 50 Km, covers the whole district of the island of Mozambique, Mossuril district and its administrative posts. Offers advertising services, obituaries, debates, informational services, dedicatorias, adverts and others.

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